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Nationwide Accredited On-site Calibration


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EMC Partner UK  are pleased to announce. It's partnership with the Equipment Calibration Business.


ECB provides on-site, UKAS accredited calibrations for ESD, Transient generators and a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment. 

ECB are the only UK company. To provide on-site ESD calibration up to 30kV. ​

EFT up to 7kV and SURGE up to 15kV. 


Having worked closely with UKAS to find innovative ways to demonstrate they're competence in calibration. ECB was awarded their ISO 17025:2017 in 2020. 

ECB's accredited calibrations include, Commercial, Military, Automotive and Avionics test equipment.  

ECB's accreditation will be expanded rapidly over the coming months. To provide our Customers with a full service, offering the very best and most comprehensive calibrations available. 


Complimentary to ECB's accreditation. EMC Partner Ag are SCS accredited in Switzerland. 

For more information or to book your next calibration. Please contact the team - / 01494 444277


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