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About us

SURGE Generator, Transient Generator, EFT Generator, DIPS and Variation, IMU3000, Modular Generator, Common Mode Generator, Harmonics Analyser, Flicker Analyser, MIL461, CS116 generator, CS115 Generator, DO-160 Lightning Generator. EMI Receiver, Antenna

EMC Partner UK Ltd was founded by Dani Ritter in 1994 to provide high performance solutions to the UK EMC industry.


We are the sole UK distributor for market leading manufacturers such as EMC Partner, Frankonia, AFJ and Schwarzbeck.


Our product range includes. EMC Test Equipment for ESD, EFT, SURGE and DIPS Generators. Lightning systems for DO-160 and MIL461E.


We also provide state of the art chamber solution complemented by RF Immunity packages, antennas and high powered amplifiers.


Complimenting the range are CISPR16 receivers up to 6GHz and an industry leading Click analyser.


Excellent Product support, advance technical ability and modern research and development provide the cornerstone of the services we provide.



We look forward to starting a dialog with you. Thank you, David.


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